Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities:

Please take time to download and read the Parents Handbook

Our Parent Participant cooperative model is only successful with parent interaction! Come ready to “plug in” to and for the children without computers/cell phones. If you have an important phone call to make (it happens to us all) please pull another parent “in” and step “out” to the far backyard or front yard, so as not to disturb the children’s environment. No cellular or game devices for the children while at NLA please.

You know your child better than anyone and you can help us as teachers and parent helpers to know and understand your child’s unique needs. We are all unique and we have different ways of dealing with stress and conflict.

Approach each situation objectively.

See each and every child in the “highest light.” We are all learning and growing and we look at any conflict at NLA as a “learning opportunity” for us all. Model calm and respect for everyone while at NLA. We all have things going on in our lives and if you need extra help or if you or your child are “processing” something or are just not feeling 100% let us know :). We are all human ;).


We can learn so much about and from children by just “observing.” This doesn’t mean “hover” or “interrupt” their play, but staying around just in case you are needed. Yes, you can play too :). Get involved as long as it doesn’t change the child’s play or ideas.


Listen to the conversations and write down anything you want to share later! You can also write down their stories and songs! We love to “share” these with the other children at the end of the day.

Help guide:

Observe, listen and help guide when needed. This doesn’t mean solve their conflicts, this means guide when a child needs help (with the words, with not “hurting” someone, with helping someone they have hurt). Every situation and every child is different, so there is no “one-size fits all” here and no “magic wand” to solve each situation that may arise. Remember model “respect” for all children and adults and to “lead with your heart.” When you “need a little help from a friend” please ask.

Attending our Parent Toolbox sessions can shed some light on how to help guide conflict/ resolution during our time together as well as  explain why we do what we do.

An example: We don’t force apologies at NLA, but yet try to help find a way to recognize a “hurt” that the child can understand (a wet paper towel, an ice pack, the NLA peace bird, a picture or a hug).

Other resources to check out: Janet Lansbury books, blog, soundcloud audio and articles, Teacher Tom blogs, Bev Bos (books, articles and youtube videos, Nancy Rosenow, Vivian Paley, Rae Pica.


Help facilitate activities without modeling. All of our activities are “open ended” and most are more about the “process” than the “product.” It is amazing how creative the children are and how they approach each  activity differently. Be as excited and full of wonder as the children are and ask questions! If a child is engaged in an activity leave them be. No need to force story/song time. They are listening and will join us when they are ready.


During the day tidy up areas that the children have moved on from to make it more inviting for the next group of children. At the end of the day jump in and help with clean-up. You will learn where things go and if you don’t know just ask. If you need to be with your children that is the priority of course! Make sure there are parents watching and assisting children while cleaning is happening. If you have an infant we understand, just do what you can!


You are invited to bring your passions, talents, careers to our community!


Other Housekeeping:


Let us know in advance and we will celebrate your child’s birthday with a beautiful candle and song. Treats on the healthier side are welcome (doesn’t have to be homemade) nor completely sugar-free ;). We do have some children with allergies, so let the group know what you are bringing so they can plan for their own child.

Inclement Weather:

NLA follows Cobb county weather closings.

If the weather is questionable please check Meetup to see if the day has been canceled. Check your email and text messages as well before heading out. You are also welcome to call or text me (770) 820-4044.

Canceled days will be credited.


To secure your weekly space please pay for four days or a month at a time. Drop-ins must be okayed in advance. Meetup is now using “Wepay” instead of “Paypal”, but Payments can still be made through my Paypal email  Checks should be made to Natural Learning Alternative Cash in person is fine too.


Wish List:

Big bottles of vinegar
Big bags of Baking soda (Costco)
Play sand
Birdseed Wood glue
Tinkering items: items to take apart and explore
Big appliance boxes
Interesting recyclables for building